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P300 abnormalities in patients with selective impairment of recent memory.

We recorded auditory event-related potential ( ERP) by using the standard oddball paradigm in seven amnestic patients. Patients were divided into three groups according to brain CT or MRI findings. (1) Three patients with no detectable lesion, including two patients studied during the episode of transient global amnesia, showed a well-defined P300. (2) Three patients with detectable lesions in the mesial temporal lobes did not show any wave form corresponding to P300. In two of these three patients, the ERP wave form showed a significant change in accordance with the improvement of MRI findings. (3) One patient who had a hypothalamic lesion due to total resection of craniopharyngioma showed a low-amplitude P300. Although neuropsychological examinations showed selective and severe impairment of recent memory function in all of these patients, no significant relationship was found between the degree of memory disturbance and P300 abnormality. These results suggest that P300 is more affected by existence and extension of brain lesions, especially in the mesial temporal lobes, rather than degree of memory disturbance. However, these results do not necessarily suggest that the potential generated in the mesial temporal lobes is directly recorded as a component of the scalp-recorded P300.[1]


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