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Prognostic value of cathepsins B, H, L, D and their endogenous inhibitors stefins A and B in head and neck carcinoma.

To estimate the prognostic value of cathepsins B, H, L, D and stefins A and B in head and neck carcinoma, their concentrations in cytosols of primary tumours and adjacent normal tissue were measured (cathepsins B, D stefins A, B in 45, cathepsin L in 24 and cathepsin H in 21 patients). Median concentrations of cathepsins B, L, and D were significantly higher in tumour than in the adjacent normal tissue (B and D: p < 0.0001; L: p = 0.004); cathepsin H concentration was higher in normal tissue (p = 0.001). Concentrations of either stefin did not differ significantly between normal and tumour tissue. Concentrations of cathepsins B, H, L, and D were higher in laryngeal than in non-laryngeal normal and tumour tissues. The difference was statistically significant for cathepsin B in tumour tissue (p = 0.045), and marginally significant in normal tissue (p = 0.07). Early tumours had lower concentrations of stefins A and B than locally advanced tumours (stefin A: p = 0.04; stefin B: p = 0.07). Disease-free and disease-specific survival rates were better in patients with concentrations of cathepsin L in tumour tissue below or equal to the cut-off values (p = 0.035; p = 0.05), whereas for cathepsin B the difference was established only for disease-free survival (p = 0.07). The opposite was true for stefin A (p = 0.0002; p = 0.002) and stefin B (p = 0.009; p = 0.003), and in disease-free survival also for cathepsin H (p = 0.055). The concentration of cathepsin D did not correlate with survival. Our data indicate that cathepsins B, H, L and stefins A and B might have prognostic value in head and neck carcinoma.[1]


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