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Isozymes of a rattan species and their genetic interpretation.

A combination of a modified Feret' (Silvae Genet. 1971, 20, 46-50) extraction buffer and two types of electrophoresis with acrylamide and starch gels were used to characterize allozymes in mature vegetative tissue of a commercially high value species of rattans (Calamus subinermis). From the analysis of allelic segregation from single maternal rattans and their offspring, genetic control of the 16 observed banding zones, which were consistently scorable, was assumed. Seventeen gene loci were identified. The percentage of polymorphic loci within Calamus subinermis was much higher (70.5%) than expected levels of genetic diversity for tropical woody and non-woody species. It is thought that the protocol described may be applied to the analysis of the genetic diversity of all the endangered Calamus species.[1]


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