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Early and late allergic reaction in the nose assessed by whole body plethysmography.

Physiological changes during late phase nasal responses after allergen challenge are difficult to establish and different criteria are used for the definition of a positive late phase nasal reaction. The objective of this study was to assess the value of whole body plethysmography in detecting changes in nasal airway resistance after allergen challenge and to suggest criteria for the definition of early and late phase nasal reactions. Nasal challenge with allergen was performed in 15 allergic patients. Nasal resistance was followed until 10 h after allergen challenge and on a control day using whole body plethysmography. The mean percentage changes in the inspiratory nasal resistance during the early phase period (0.25-2 h) and the late phase period (4-10 h) were significantly higher on the allergen challenge day than on the control day (p=0.001 and p=0.01, respectively). The mean percentage change in the inspiratory nasal resistance during the early and late phase period on the control day plus 2 times the standard deviation served as cut-off point for a positive reaction. Using this definition, all patients had early reactions and 7 of the 15 patients (47%) also had late reactions. We conclude that whole body plethysmography is a useful, noninvasive method for the measurement of the physiological changes in the nose following allergen challenge.[1]


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