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Comparative analyses of relative ERCC3 and ERCC6 mRNA levels in gliomas and adjacent non-neoplastic brain.

Nucleotide excision repair (NER) is an ordered process in nonmalignant cells, in both human and nonhuman systems. We previously reported that in human brain there is discordant mRNA expression of excision repair cross-complementing (ERCC) 1 and ERCC2 in malignant tissues, concurrent with excellent concordance of these genes in nonmalignant tissues from the same patients. Here we have extended these studies to compare low-grade tumors to high-grade tumors and to include ERCC3 (which links DNA repair with DNA transcription) and ERCC6 (which is essential for gene-specific repair). Glial tumor and adjacent normal brain specimens from 19 individuals were studied. Paired malignant and nonmalignant tissues were obtained from 12 of these patients. For ERCC3, there was excellent concordance of mRNA expression between malignant and nonmalignant tissues from the same individuals (P = 0.003). For ERCC6, no concordance was observed (P = 0.314). Tumor tissue from patients with high-grade gliomas exhibited marked discordance of mRNA expression patterns in situations in which good concordance was observed in tumor tissue from low-grade gliomas. We previously established that malignant brain tumors show increased disorder of genes in the NER process, as compared with nonmalignant tissues. These data suggest that increasing disorder in the NER process may occur as cells move from low-grade to high-grade malignancy.[1]


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