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Serum tumor markers after renal transplantation.

The overall incidence of malignancy in renal transplant recipients is 100-fold higher compared with age matched controls. Routine clinical evaluation therefore often includes the determination of serum tumor markers AFP, CA19-9, CEA, CA125, CA15-3, PSA, and calcitonin. We evaluated the specificity and the sensitivity of these markers in 575 renal allograft recipients. Specificity varied between 0.69 (CA 125) and 0.96 ( PSA) in 532 patients without cancer. Cyclosporine therapy and excretory allograft function did not affect marker concentration; impaired liver function was associated with significantly elevated AFP, CA19-9, CA125, and CA15-3 levels. In 43 patients with malignancies the sensitivity of the markers ranged between 0.2 (CEA) and 1 (CA 125, CA 15-3). We therefore conclude that routine screening of the transplant population with serum tumor markers is not useful because of the low sensitivity and specificity of these tests.[1]


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