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Low power laser irradiation reduces ischemic damage in hippocampal slices in vitro.

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Low power laser irradiation has been reported to reduce injury, promote regeneration, and produce analgesia. While the mechanism is unknown, one hypothesis is that light produces free radicals, which have a beneficial effect at low concentrations. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS: We have investigated the effects of low power laser irradiation on the loss of electrical excitability of hippocampal brain slices after a transient exposure to a perfusion medium lacking oxygen and containing reduced glucose concentrations. Injury in this system is known to result at least in part from free radical production. RESULTS: Low power laser irradiation increased the time required for loss of excitability and increased recovery from the ischemic injury. CONCLUSIONS: Low power laser irradiation has acute protective effects against ischemic damage in brain slices.[1]


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