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Evidence for the nitrate-dependent spatial regulation of the nitrate reductase gene in chicory roots.

Young chicory plants (Cichorium intybus L. var. Witloof) show a tenfold higher nitrate reductase NR activity in roots compared to leaves. Northern analysis revealed, besides the nitrate inducibility of the nitrate reductase gene (nia), a higher level of expression in the roots. By modifying the external nitrate concentration the NR activity in the leaves remained negligible whereas a maximal activity was observed in the roots when grown in the presence of 5 mM nitrate. Surprisingly, variation of the external nitrate concentration induced changes in the spatial regulation of nia within the root. In-situ hybridization mainly localized nia mRNA in the cortical cells of roots grown at low nitrate concentrations (0.2 nM). At high nitrate concentrations (5 mM), nia mRNA was more abundant in the vascular tissues. The root apex revealed a strong signal under both conditions. The isolation and characterization of the NR structural gene from chicory is also presented. Southern blot analysis revealed the presence of a single nia gene per haploid genome of chicory.[1]


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