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Chemical Compound Review

Nitrates     nitrate

Synonyms: trioxonitrate, NITRATE ION, Nitrate(1-), NO3-, AG-D-93339, ...
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Disease relevance of Nitrates


Psychiatry related information on Nitrates

  • AIMS: The aim of this study was to evaluate whether sildenafil, used for treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), affects the exercise tolerance and ischaemic threshold in men with exercise-induced angina not taking nitrates [6].
  • The disposable sensor responds to nitrate rapidly-the typical response time is 5 min-and reversibly over a wide dynamic range (26 microM-63 mM) with sensor-to-sensor reproducibility (relative standard deviation, RSD, 3.68%, as log aNO3-, at the medium level of the range and RSD 1.39% for repeated measurements with the same sensor) [7].
  • For the treatment of diffuse oesophageal spasm, a disorder of non-peristaltic motor activity in the oesophagus, various pharmacological approaches with nitrates, anticholinergics, and calcium antagonists have been used [8].
  • Encephalopathy resembling Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease following oral, prescribed doses of bismuth nitrate [9].
  • Because of its high negative predictive value, irrespective of the posttransplantation delay, nitrate serum determination may have clinical utility in the noninvasive monitoring of the cardiac transplant patient and could also add important information to endomyocardial biopsy analysis for treatment decision making [10].

High impact information on Nitrates

  • CHL1 mRNA is found predominantly in roots and displays nitrate- and pH-dependent regulation [11].
  • Conceptual and numerical models of nitrogen cycling in temperate forests assume that nitrogen is lost from these ecosystems predominantly by way of inorganic forms, such as nitrate and ammonium ions [12].
  • Nitrates, nitrites and gastric cancer in Great Britain [13].
  • Nitrogen fixation by the cyanobacterium Anabaena is carried out in heterocysts, specialized, non-dividing cells which differentiate under conditions of ammonia or nitrate deprivation [14].
  • If energy for the fixation of nitrogen symbiotically and that for the assimilation of NH4+ or NO3- from the soil solution are both provided by the chemical products of photosynthesis, then the CO2 respired in supplying that energy must contribute to the total efflux of CO2 from the plant in the dark [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Nitrates


Biological context of Nitrates


Anatomical context of Nitrates


Associations of Nitrates with other chemical compounds

  • Studies of nitrate balance in humans and analyses of fecal and ileostomy samples indicate that nitrite and nitrate are formed de novo in the intestine, possibly by heterotrophic nitrification [26].
  • Letter: Silver nitrate ocular damage in newborns [27].
  • Increased levels of nitrite (NO2-) and nitrate (NO3-) in culture supernatants were associated with NADPH-dependent NOS activity in the cell lysates [28].
  • Our results showing increased endogenous nitrate synthesis in patients receiving IL-2 demonstrate for the first time that a cytokine-inducible, high-output L-arginine/NO pathway exists in humans [29].
  • Dietary supplement with vitamin C prevents nitrate tolerance [30].
  • The nitrate reductase inhibitor, azide, abrogates NO evolution by Salmonella, and production of NO occurs only in the absence from the assays of nitrate; both features reveal a marked similarity between the NO-generating activities of this bacterium and plants [31].

Gene context of Nitrates


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nitrates


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