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Tracer studies with crude U-13C-lipid mixtures. Biosynthesis of the lipase inhibitor lipstatin.

The biosynthesis of the pancreatic lipase inhibitor lipstatin was investigated by fermentation experiments using cultures of Streptomyces toxytricini, which were supplied with soybean oil and a crude mixture of U-13C-lipids obtained from algal biomass cultured with 13CO2. Lipstatin was analyzed by one- and two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy. 13C total correlation spectroscopy and INADEQUATE experiments show that two fatty acid fragments containing 14 and 8 carbon atoms, respectively, are incorporated en bloc into lipstatin. The 14-carbon fragment is preferentially derived from the unsaturated fatty acid fraction, as shown by an experiment with hydrogenated U-13C-lipid mixture, which is conducive to labeling of the 8-carbon moiety but not of the 14-carbon moiety. The data indicate that the lipstatin molecule can be assembled by Claisen condensation of octanoyl-CoA with 3-hydroxy-delta5,8-tetradecanoyl-CoA obtained by beta oxidation of linoleic acid. The formation of lipstatin from acetate units by a polyketide-type pathway is ruled out conclusively by these data. The data show that surprisingly clear labeling patterns can be obtained in studies with crude, universally 13C-labeled precursor mixtures that are proffered together with a large excess of unlabeled material. One- and two-dimensional 13C total correlation spectroscopy analyses are suggested as elegant methods for the delineation of contiguously 13C-labeled biosynthetic blocks.[1]


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