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Nucleotide sequence of an adult-specific cuticular protein gene from the beetle Tenebrio molitor: effects of 20-hydroxyecdysone on mRNA accumulation.

The accumulation of transcripts from two adult-specific cuticular genes (ACP-20 and ACP-22) is shown to be modified after addition of exogenous 20-hydroxyecdysone. In the continuous presence of high levels of the hormone, the expression of ACP-20 gene is significantly weaker than that of untreated controls, while ACP-22 expression is 2.5-fold increased. During active synthesis of the ACP messages, a 0.5 microg 20-hydroxyecdysone injection causes a rapid 2-fold increase in ACP-22 mRNA and is not able to repress ACP-20 mRNA accumulation. We conclude that these genes whose transcripts appear in an almost coordinated manner in epidermal cells during the moulting cycle are regulated by ecdysteroids in a different way. In order to undertake a functional dissection of the promoter regions of ACP-22 gene, we have isolated and sequenced a genomic clone. The sequence similarities with other cuticular protein genes are discussed.[1]


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