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Effect of intravenous sodium amytal on cutaneous limb temperatures and sympathetic skin responses in normal subjects and pain patients with and without Complex Regional Pain Syndromes (type I and II). I.

This study examined the effects of intravenous administration of sodium amytal (SA), a medium action barbiturate, on cutaneous limb temperatures and sympathetic skin responses (SSR) to electrical stimulation. Eight normal volunteers and 13 patients with musculoskeletal pain, somatoform pain disorders or nerve/root injury (with findings strictly limited to the distribution of the distribution of the involved nerve) were compared to 15 patients with Complex Regional Pain syndromes (one of whom had documented nerve injury). The Complex Regional Pain Syndromes (CRPS) patients were characterized by the presence of severe diffuse limb pain and extraterritorial sensory, sudomotor and vasomotor abnormalities (i.e., not confined to the site of injury or the distribution of the injured nerve). The CRPS patients were different from the normal controls and the non-CRPS patients in their tendency to warm significantly many of their limbs (not just the symptomatic ones). SSR were reduced or lost in a few limbs only in all three groups, irrespective of the increase or decrease of limb temperature and the side of symptoms. We argue that the enhanced thermogenic effect of SA in CRPS patients is due to generalized central changes of thermoregulatory control specifically in this group.[1]


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