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p53/58 binds COPI and is required for selective transport through the early secretory pathway.

p53/58 is a transmembrane protein that continuously recycles between the ER and pre-Golgi intermediates composed of vesicular-tubular clusters (VTCs) found in the cell periphery and at the cis face of the Golgi complex. We have generated an antibody that uniquely recognizes the p53/58 cytoplasmic tail. Here we present evidence that this antibody arrests the anterograde transport of vesicular stomatitis virus glycoprotein and leads to the accumulation of p58 in pre-Golgi intermediates. Consistent with a role for the KKXX retrieval motif found at the cytoplasmic carboxyl terminus of p53/58 in retrograde traffic, inhibition of transport through VTCs correlates with the ability of the antibody to block recruitment of COPI coats to the p53/58 cytoplasmic tail and to p53/58-containing membranes. We suggest that p53/58 function may be required for the coupled exchange of COPII for COPI coats during segregation of anterograde and retrograde transported proteins.[1]


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