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The apocytochrome-b gene in Chlorogonium elongatum (Chlamydomonadaceae): an intronic GIY-YIG ORF in green algal mitochondria.

The mitochondrial cob gene from the green alga Chlorogonium elongatum (Chlamydomonadaceae) is interrupted by two group-I introns each containing an open reading frame in-phase with the upstream exon. One of these ORFs belongs to the LAGLI-DADG family, the other to the GIY-YIG family. The latter has not yet been identified in any mitochondrial genome except those from fungi. The Chlorogonium ORFs are similar to ORFs encoded by fungal introns that are located at an identical position within the gene, and to the ORF encoded by the mobile intron in the Chlamydomonas smithii cob gene.[1]


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