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Trial of duplication procedure for complete dentures by CAD/CAM.

The purpose of this study was to duplicate the shapes of complete dentures by using a computer-aided design/manufacturing ( CAD/CAM) system. The shapes of the complete dentures of an edentulous patient were measured using a non-contact type shape measurement system and morphological data at the interval of 0.25 mm were obtained in the X-axis and Y-axis directions. Measurement was performed from the occlusal surface and mucosal surface sides. Based on the three-dimensional morphological data, cutter paths for cutting were generated. For cutting, the three-step method consisting of rough cutting, finish cutting, and partial finish cutting was used and for duplicating the dentures the modelling wax was cut using a computerized numerical control (CNC) processor and ball-end mills with diameters of 6 mm and 1 mm. The method for the controlling of three axes (X, Y, and Z) of CNC machine was used, and cutting was performed only from two directions. Although further improvements are needed in the measurement and cutting in acute slope areas, the duplication of complete dentures appears to be possible using the CAD/CAM system.[1]


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