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Intra-ocular pressure changes following laryngeal mask airway insertion: a comparative study.

We compared the effects of the Brain laryngeal mask airway with a tracheal tube on intra-ocular pressure. Propofol was used as induction agent and atracurium as relaxant. Twenty-six patients with normal intra-ocular pressure undergoing cataract surgery were randomly allocated to two groups. Group A (n = 13) had a laryngeal mask airway inserted and Group B (n = 13) had a tracheal tube inserted. Intra-ocular pressure was measured just before insertion of the airway, 20 s after insertion and at 2 min. In the laryngeal mask airway group there were no significant changes in mean intra-ocular pressure. In the tracheal tube group there was a significant rise in mean intra-ocular pressure at 20 s (p = 0.0056) which returned to pre-insertion levels at 2 min. We conclude that the laryngeal mask airway continues to have advantages over the tracheal tube for ophthalmic surgery despite the use of propofol and atracurium as anaesthetic agents.[1]


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