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A candidate Ross River virus vaccine: preclinical evaluation.

A killed Ross River virus vaccine is being developed in an effort to prevent the, ca 5000 cases of epidemic polyarthritis which occur in Australia each year. The symptoms of epidemic polyarthritis commonly last 30-40 weeks and 25% of patients have symptoms for a year or more. There is no cure. Although there was some strain to strain variation, particularly after a single injection, outbred and inbred strains of mice all produced significant levels of anti-Ross River virus antibody after intramuscular (i.m.) injection with 24 h BEI inactivated, sucrose gradient purified, Ross River virus vaccine. Mice immunized i.m. with two 20 micrograms doses of vaccine or live virus produced similar levels of neutralizing antibody but the reaction of IgG 2a and IgG 2b antibody from these two groups of mice to Ross River virus proteins in western blots differed. Antibody from BALB/c mice immunized with this vaccine neutralized all strains of Ross River virus tested, in vitro, albeit to different degrees.[1]


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