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Hypertrichosis and increased pigmentation of eyelashes and adjacent hair in the region of the ipsilateral eyelids of patients treated with unilateral topical latanoprost.

PURPOSE: To describe hypertrichosis and increased pigmentation of eyelashes associated with topical latanoprost usage. METHODS: Patients using unilateral topical latanoprost for glaucoma were examined for evidence of hypertrichosis and pigmentation of eyelashes and adjacent hair in the latanoprost-treated eye compared with the nontreated control eye. RESULTS: In 43 patients receiving unilateral topical latanoprost, hypertrichosis involved ipsilateral terminal eyelashes and regional intermediate hairs of the upper and lower eyelid as well as vellus hair of the lower eyelid skin. Differences in hair appearance between the latanoprost-treated eye and the nontreated control eye included increased number, length, thickness, curvature, and pigmentation. CONCLUSIONS: Latanoprost-treated eyes develop hypertrichosis and increased pigmentation in the region of treatment. Patients may benefit from being made aware of this side effect.[1]


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