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Components and dynamics of DNA replication complexes in S. cerevisiae: redistribution of MCM proteins and Cdc45p during S phase.

In S. cerevisiae, the chromatin structure of DNA replication origins changes as cells become competent for DNA replication, suggesting that G1 phase-specific association of replication factors with origin DNA regulates entry into S phase. We demonstrate that ORC, Cdc45p, and MCM proteins are components of prereplication complexes (pre-RC). The MCM-origin association is dependent upon ORC and Cdc6p. During S phase, MCM proteins and Cdc45p dissociate from origin DNA and associate with nonorigin DNA with similar kinetics as DNA Polymerase epsilon, which is present at DNA replication forks. Our results identify protein components of the pre-RC and a novel replication complex appearing at the G1/S transition (the RC), and suggest that after initiation MCM proteins and Cdc45p move with eukaryotic replication forks.[1]


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