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Adaptation of myoglobin in compensatory hypertrophied rat muscle.

This study investigated the time course change of myoglobin concentration ([ Mb]) in skeletal muscle during muscle hypertrophy in rats. Seven groups of Wistar rats (n = 7 per group) were examined. Compensatory hypertrophy of the plantaris muscle was induced by the bilateral ablation of the medial and lateral heads of the gastrocnemius muscle, and the effect of compensatory hypertrophy on the [ Mb] of the plantaris muscle was examined at 7, 21 and 42 days post-ablation. The [ Mb] expressed as mg g(-1) wet muscle weight tended to decline at 7 days post-ablation (-12.1%) and returned to the control level by 42 days post-ablation, as did the muscle protein concentration. However, the [ Mb] expressed as mg g(-1) protein weight was not significantly different between the ablation and control groups throughout the experimental period. The estimated value of absolute Mb content in the whole plantaris muscle was significantly increased by 28.4% (P < 0.01) at 42 days post-ablation compared with the age-matched controls. Therefore, the longer period of compensatory activity allowed the Mb to increase in its absolute content, although the [ Mb] did not exceed the level of control muscle. The capacity of facilitated oxygen diffusion and oxygen storage by Mb in the muscle cells will not change even when muscle enlargement takes place.[1]


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