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Central motor conduction studies in internal capsule and corona radiata infarction.

Clinical and evoked-potential studies in internal capsule and corona radiata infarction are lacking. We report the results of a clinical and central motor conduction time (CMCT) study in 16 patients with internal capsule and 17 with computed tomography (CT)-proven corona radiata infarction. Patients's outcome was defined at the end of 3 months on the basis of the Barthel Index score. Four patients with type A capsular infarction (middle third of posterior limb of internal capsule) all had severe weakness, while 2 also had persistently unrecordable CMCT and poor outcome. Twelve patients with type B internal capsular infarction (genu, anterior limb, anterior or posterior third of posterior limb) had a milder degree of weakness, and CMCT was recordable in 9. At 3 months' follow-up, however, CMCT was recordable in all 12 patients. All of these patients had a partial (n = 4) or complete (n = 5) recovery. Thirteen patients with type A corona radiata infarction (middle third of corona radiata) had more pronounced weakness, and CMCT was unrecordable in all of these patients except 1 on initial examination. Follow-up after 3 months was possible in 8 patients, and CMCT became recordable in 3. One of these patients had complete, 3 partial, and 4 poor recovery. In type B corona radiata infarction (anterior or posterior third of corona radiata), the clinical signs and CMCT did not follow a regular pattern. Clinical and CMCT abnormalities in internal capsular infarction followed a more predictable pattern compared with those in corona radiata infarction. A less predictable pattern of weakness and CMCT change in corona radiata infarction may be attributed to a less definite organisation of motor pathways compared with the internal capsule.[1]


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