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Screening of a mutant plasmid with high expression efficiency of GC-rich leuB gene of an extreme thermophile, Thermus thermophilus, in Escherichia coli.

A mutant plasmid with elevated expression efficiency of GC-rich Thermus thermophilus leuB gene was screened in Escherichia coli. A wild-type plasmid pHB2 carrying T. thermophilus leuB gene was introduced into leuB-deficient E. coli C600 cells. During successive cultures of the transformant in leucine-free medium, the original plasmid was spontaneously replaced by a mutant plasmid. The expression efficiency of the leuB gene on the mutant plasmid was 4.8-fold higher than that of the wild-type plasmid. Sequencing of the mutant plasmid revealed that the open reading frame (ORF1) in front of the leuB gene was shortened from 822 to 306 bp. Several expression vectors were constructed to investigate the effect of the length of ORF1, and the optimal length for the expression of the following leuB gene was determined. It was also shown that the stop codon of ORF1 should be overlapped with the initiation codon of leuB gene for the highest efficiency.[1]


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