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Digoxigenin-labeled peptides for the immunological quantification of intracellular signaling proteins: application to the MAP kinase kinase isoform MEK2.

Two competitive enzyme immunoassays using digoxigenin-labeled peptides have been developed for the quantification of the protein kinase MEK2 in cell extracts. Rabbit polyclonal antibodies directed against either the amino-terminal or proline-rich amino acid sequences of MEK2 were used for the immunoconcentration of the protein. Anti-digoxigenin Fab fragments labeled with horseradish peroxidase allowed the detection of the immune complexes. Amino-terminal and proline-rich enzyme immunoassays exhibited a sensitivity level of 63 and 71 fmol/mL, respectively, and displayed a half-maximal saturation value of 1320 and 1780 fmol/mL. The intra- and inter-assay coefficients of variation for both assays assessed at three different concentrations of MEK2 were lower than 6% and 12%, respectively. The amount of MEK2 measured by the two methods demonstrated an excellent correlation with the expression level of the protein detected by immunoblot analyses when tested on different cell lysates.[1]


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