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Fas (APO-1/CD95)-mediated apoptosis is independent of bcl-2: a study with cell lines overexpressing bcl-2 and with bcl-2 transfected cell lines.

Eight myeloma cell lines with variable expression of bcl-2 were screened for the expression of the FAS antigen and for sensitivity to anti-FAS-induced apoptosis. Anti-FAS-induced apoptosis correlated positively (R = 0.89) with the level of expression of the FAS antigen, and was independent of the expression of bcl-2. Forced expression of bcl-2 in 8226 and ARP-1 multiple myeloma (MM) cell lines expressing relatively low levels of bcl-2, resulted in 1-2 log increase in resistance to dexamethasone (DEX)-induced apoptosis. However, sensitivity to anti-FAS-induced apoptosis was unchanged in ARP-1 cells or was increased in 8226 cells, compared to the parental cell lines. The increased sensitivity to anti-FAS-induced apoptosis in 8226 cells was due to the increase in FAS expression in the bcl-2 transfected cells and was proportionate to the increase in FAS expression. Furthermore, we observed manyfold increase in the expression of Fas, CD40, CD45 and CD19 antigens, in 8226 cells, concomitant with a significant decrease in the expression of CD38 antigen. Thus, 8226 cells overexpressing bcl-2 appear to have an immature myeloma cell phenotype, have higher growth-rate and increased sensitivity to anti-FAS-induced apoptosis.[1]


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