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The yeast CLC chloride channel functions in cation homeostasis.

A defect in the yeast GEF1 gene, a CLC chloride channel homolog leads to an iron requirement and cation sensitivity. The iron requirement is due to a failure to load Cu2+ onto a component of the iron uptake system, Fet3. This process, which requires both Gef1 and the Menkes disease Cu2+-ATPase yeast homolog Ccc2, occurs in late- or post-Golgi vesicles, where Gef1 and Ccc2 are localized. The defects of gef1 mutants can be suppressed by the introduction of Torpedo marmorata CLC-0 or Arabidopsis thaliana CLC-c and -d chloride channel genes. The functions of Gef1 in cation homeostasis provide clues to the understanding of diseases caused by chloride channel mutations in humans and cation toxicity in plants.[1]


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