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Fibers in the Mediterranean diet. An epidemiological study of the Campania Region.

BACKGROUND: The authors have evaluated: a) the survival of the "mediterranean diet" as way of life; b) the comparison between fiber content in the diet of adult or school children of the Campania Region. METHODS: To study nutritional epidemiology of adults, a new method consisting of publishing a 24-hour recall dietary chart in a new paper with big regional circulation, Il Mattino, and analyzing all the charts from the different towns of Campania was used. For that, the ZIP code of the subject was used as an informatics button. Data were housed in a computer using Food Meter (an informatics program by Bayer-Medimatica). RESULTS: Differences statistically significant were found between adults or children residing in various district of the Campania Region and Naples town. CONCLUSIONS: Finally, it is important to underline that the amount of fibers of children's diets was higher than adult diets.[1]


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