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Localization of language-related cortex with 15O-labeled water PET in patients with gliomas.

Measurement of relative cerebral blood flow (CBF) with 15O-labeled water PET has been widely used for brain mapping experiments on language functions in normal volunteers and patients with epilepsy. We focused on the question of whether PET during speech activation is an appropriate method for noninvasive determination of language-related cortex in patients with brain tumors. Furthermore, the suitability of the method for determination of hemispheric language dominance was examined and compared to the results of the Edinburgh Handedness Inventory. Ten right-handed and six left-handed patients with gliomas were examined prior to surgery while repeatedly performing word repetition and verb generation tasks. A set of volumes of interest (VOIs) was drawn on coregistered MRI in order to account for anatomic variability as well as anatomical alterations due to tumor mass effect. Repetition of nouns did not produce significant hemispheric differences. During stimulation by verb generation, reliable lateralized activations of Broca's area and supplementary motor area were detected in all right-handed patients. Of the left-handed patients, two showed clear right lateralization, two activated Broca's area bilaterally, and two had a pattern similar to that of right-handers. Patients with bilateral activations showed the strongest tendency toward bihandedness according to the handedness inventory. Lateralization of supplementary motor area in left-handers corresponded to lateralized activity in Broca's area. Tumors in the vicinity of language-related regions did not alter activation responses. In conclusion, measurement of CBF changes during verb generation permits identification of language-related areas in patients with gliomas with strong lateralization related to hemispheric dominance. These findings may be of particular clinical interest for left-handed patients.[1]


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