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Cloning and comparative sequence analysis of TP53 in Xiphophorus fish hybrid melanoma models.

We have cloned and sequenced the p53-encoding cDNA of green swordtail (X. helleri) and southern platyfish (X. maculatus). These two fish species are often used to produce hybrids that develop melanomas after genetic crossing. Computer translation of derived cDNA sequences revealed that p53 polypeptides from these two species are virtually identical, exhibiting only two conservative amino acid substitutions. TP53 mRNA expression was detected in virtually all tissues tested. Comparison of these fish p53 polypeptide sequences with those of other vertebrates, including other fishes, amphibians, and mammals, revealed that conservation is especially high in several previously defined protein domains. In addition, sequencing of the 3' TP53 genomic region of X. maculatus reveals similarity to the human TP53 locus in overall organization. Knowledge of the Xiphophorus TP53 sequences will allow assessment of mutational alterations within tumors generated from numerous fish genetic crosses.[1]


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