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Presence of tinnitus indicated by variable spontaneous otoacoustic emissions.

Spontaneous otoacoustic emissions (SOAE) have been widely studied in normal subjects, and there is evidence of their high frequency stability in repeated recordings. A study to determine the frequency stability of SOAE in 53 of 100 consecutive patients, who presented with tinnitus and in whom SOAE were recordable, was undertaken. Patients were divided into five aetiologically homogeneous subgroups: (i) those with normal hearing and no identified pathology, (ii) those with sensorineural hearing loss of unknown origin, (iii) those with normal hearing, but complaining of tinnitus related to head injury, (iv) those with endolymphatic hydrops, and (v) those with noise exposure. The control group consisted of 20 subjects, selected on the basis of recordable SOAE from 38 volunteers with normal hearing and no tinnitus. The prevalence of SOAE and their inter-session frequency stability (reproducibility and relative frequency shift) were analysed. In contrast to the controls, the tinnitus group had significantly increased frequency variability of SOAE (lower reproducibility and increased relative frequency shift). The prevalence of subjects with SOAE was not notably different between the controls and subjects with tinnitus, if the tinnitus group was considered in toto, but a striking 100% prevalence of bilaterally present SOAE was observed in the tinnitus subgroup with head injury.[1]


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