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Resting and acetazolamide-challenged technetium-99m-ECD SPECT in transient global amnesia.

Regional resting cerebral blood flow and vascular reserve in a patient with transient global amnesia (TGA) were evaluated during and after a TGA episode using 99mTc-ethyl cysteinate dimer (ECD). The patient had consecutive SPECT studies before and after acetazolamide (ACZ) administration with adjunctive radionuclide angiography using equal-volume-split 99mTc-ECD. SPECT study during TGA episode showed poor vasodilatory reactivity to ACZ in the left medial temporal region involving the hippocampus and resting hypoperfusion in the regions bilaterally. The resting hypoperfusion with reserved vasodilatory reactivity to ACZ also was seen in the bilateral thalami. Abnormal findings in these regions disappeared on the follow-up SPECT study 15 days after the onset. No previous SPECT evaluation of regional abnormalities of both hemodynamic reserve and resting perfusion during and after an episode of TGA has been reported.[1]


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