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Functional coupling of a recombinant human 5-HT5A receptor to G-proteins in HEK-293 cells.

1. We have cloned, expressed and pharmacologically characterized the Human 5-HT5A receptor. 2. We have shown that ligand activation of the Human 5-HT5A receptor results in functional coupling to G-proteins in HEK-293 cells. 3. Stimulation of the receptor with 5-CT (5-carboxamidotryptamine) resulted in a dose-dependent increase in the % [35S]-GTPgammaS binding over the basal level. This is the first study to describe such G-protein activation for the Human 5-HT5A receptor in any cell. 4. A dose-dependent inhibition of cyclic AMP accumulation was observed in the recombinant Human 5-HT5A receptor cell line, suggesting a functional coupling to a G alpha i, G-protein in the HEK-293 cell line. 5. A ligand-stimulated reduction in the detectable level of the catalytic domain of protein kinase A (PKA) in nuclear extracts isolated from Human 5-HT5A expressing cells was observed. This observation was consistent with the reduction in the level of cyclic AMP accumulation, in response to receptor activation.[1]


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