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The use of human glutathione S-transferase A1 in the detection of cystic fibrosis liver disease.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the value of serum human glutathione S-transferase A1 (hGST A1) in the detection of cystic fibrosis liver disease (CFLD). METHODS: Sixty-three children (aged 0.5-16 years) with cystic fibrosis (CF) were screened prospectively for evidence of hepatobiliary abnormalities between February 1993 and February 1996. Comparison was made between clinical examination, abdominal ultrasonic scan, measurement of conventional liver enzymes (LFTs) and serum hGST A1 concentration in the detection of hepatobiliary abnormalities in children with CF. RESULTS: The 5-95% concentration of serum hGST A1 was 1.7-4.27 micrograms L-1 for the control group. The hGST A1 levels in the CF patients were significantly higher than in the non-CF group. Thirty-eight (60%) children had detectable hepatobiliary abnormalities. Ultrasound scanning detected the highest number of abnormalities (41%), followed by hGST A1 (30%). The presence of clinical liver disease was found in 19% of the children. The estimated sensitivities of detecting CFLD by clinical method, ultrasound scan, serum hGST A1, and LFTs would be 32%, 68%, 50% and 16%, respectively. CONCLUSIONS: Serum hGST A1 measurement increases the sensitivity of detecting hepatic abnormalities when included with clinical and ultrasound evaluation although, in some cases with advanced liver disease, serum hGST A1 may be normal. Conventional liver enzyme tests add little information in the detection of CF liver disease.[1]


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