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Reduced O-glycosylated clathrin assembly protein AP180: implication for synaptic vesicle recycling dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease.

Synapse loss is one of the neuropathologies in Alzheimer's disease (AD) that may play a crucial role in the mechanism of its distinct cognitive impairment and dementia. In a previous study [18], a significant reduction of O-glycosylated clathrin assembly protein AP180 was observed in neocortex of AD. The reduction correlated with the density of neurofibrillary tangles. In this study we further determine that the O-GlcNAc/AP180 ratio is not changed, but the level of AP180 protein decreases in AD. Furthermore, whereas the level of neurofilament (NF-M) remains relatively unchanged, another clathrin assembly protein, AP-2, is also reduced in AD along with a small loss of synaptophysin. Our findings suggest that synaptic vesicle recycling dysfunction may be involved in the pathology of synapse loss in AD.[1]


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