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Expression of Aspergillus aculeatus No. F-50 cellobiohydrolase I (cbhI) and beta-glucosidase 1 (bgl1) genes by Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

A cellobiohydrolase I (cbhI) and a beta-glucosidase 1 (bgl1) gene of Aspergillus aculeatus were expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The transformed cells secreted the enzymes efficiently in an active form. The recombinant CBHI gave two bands of different molecular mass (110 and 90 kDa) and the recombinant BGL1 gave one band (180 kDa) by SDS-PAGE. The recombinant CBHI and BGL1 had the same enzymatical properties as the native enzyme except for the specific activity toward cellulosic substrates. By the combination of three different types of cellulases, FI-CMCase, CBHI, and BGL1, we could hydrolyze Avicel up to 59% under our experimental conditions.[1]


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