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Plagiorchis muris: recovery, growth and development in albino rats.

Metacercariae of Plagiorchis muris, obtained from naturally infected dragonflies, Sympetrum eroticum, successfully established in 4-week-old albino rats up to 14 days post-infection (p.i.) but by day 28 p.i. the recovery rate had significantly decreased. The genital primordia in excysted metacercariae were differentiated into those of metraterm, Mehlis' gland, ovary and cirrus pouch, with the primordial testes appearing on day 1 p.i. The vitellaria and eggs in the uterus were present in flukes on days 2 and 4 p.i., respectively. Mature flukes were established in the lower part of the small intestine on day 5 p.i., with the peak of egg production occurring on day 14 p.i. Growth of the flukes continued up to day 28 p.i.[1]


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