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Stereotyped behavior and hyperthermia in dogs: correlation with the levels of amphetamine and p-hydroxyamphetamine in plasma and CSF.

A gas-chromatographic method for simultaneously measuring p-hydroxyamphetamine (pOA) against amphetamine (A) in plasma and CSF is presented. The time course of body temperature (Tb), stereotyped behavior (St), and A and pOA levels in plasma and CSF were studied after administration of 0.6 and 1.5 mg/kg p.o. of A to dogs. Stereotyped behavior reached maximal value 2.5 h after A, as did levels of A in CSF. The A levels in CSF decreased steadily in the following hours and simultaneously with the levels of A in plasma. St remained elevated and began to decrease after 6.5 h. The relationship between St and amounts of A was not linear but exponential. This suggest that both A and its metabolite contributed to this effect. In fact, a linear relationship was found between St and the amounts of pOA in CSF. Body temperature had a time course similar to A plasma levels, reaching peak value after 1.5 h and declining thereafter simultaneously with A. A linear relationship was found between Tb and the amounts of A in plasma. Thus Tb seems to be a peripheral A effect related to the presence of the drug in plasma.[1]


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