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Schistosoma mansoni Ca2+-ATPase SMA2 restores viability to yeast Ca2+-ATPase-deficient strains and functions in calcineurin-mediated Ca2+ tolerance.

The sarco(endo)plasmic reticulum of animal cells contains an ATP-powered Ca2+ pump that belongs to the P-type family of membrane-bound cation-translocating enzymes. In Schistosoma mansoni, the sarco(endo)plasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase (SERCA) is encoded by the SMA1 and SMA2 genes. A full-length SMA2 cDNA clone was isolated, sequenced, and expressed into a yeast Ca2+-ATPase-deficient strain requiring plasmid-borne rabbit SERCA1a for viability. The S. mansoni Ca2+-ATPase supports growth of mutant cells lacking SERCA1a, indicating functional expression in yeast and a role in calcium sequestration. Subcellular fractionation showed that the SMA2 ATPase is localized in yeast internal membranes. SMA2 expression was found to be associated with thapsigargin-sensitive, Ca2+-dependent ATPase activity. The activity increased 2-fold upon calcineurin inactivation, which correlates with in vivo stimulated contribution of SMA2 in calcium tolerance. These results suggest that calcineurin controls calcium homeostasis by inhibiting Ca2+-ATPase activity in an internal compartment.[1]


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