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Mutations within the cholecystokinin-B/gastrin receptor ligand 'pocket' interconvert the functions of nonpeptide agonists and antagonists.

We have reported previously that the transmembrane domains of the cholecystokinin-B/gastrin receptor (CCK-BR) comprise a putative ligand binding pocket. In the present study, we examined whether amino acid substitutions within the CCK-BR pocket altered the affinities and/or functional activities of L-365,260 (the prototypical nonpeptide CCK-BR antagonist) and two structural derivatives, YM022 (a higher affinity antagonist) and L-740,093S (a partial agonist). Eight amino acids that project into the CCK-BR pocket were individually replaced by alanine, using site-directed mutagenesis. Affinities for the nonpeptide molecules, as well as ligand-induced inositol phosphate production, were assessed with the wild-type and mutant receptors. For each of the nonpeptide ligands examined, a distinct series of mutations altered the affinity, suggesting that each ligand possessed a characteristic pattern of interactions within the CCK-BR pocket. Basal signaling levels and inositol phosphate formation induced by the full agonist CCK octapeptide were comparable for the wild-type receptor and all of the mutant CCK-BR forms. In contrast to the peptide agonist CCK octapeptide, the functional activities of the nonpeptide molecules were selectively altered by single point mutations within the CCK-BR pocket, resulting in interconversion of agonists and antagonists. These findings suggest that interactions between nonpeptide molecules and transmembrane domain amino acids of the CCK-BR can determine the functional activity and affinity of the ligands.[1]


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