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Altered thymic positive selection and intracellular signals in Cbl-deficient mice.

Cbl is the product of the protooncogene c-cbl and is involved in T cell antigen receptor (TCR)-mediated signaling. To understand the role of Cbl for immune system development and function, we generated a Cbl-deficient mouse strain. In Cbl-deficient mice, positive selection of the thymocytes expressing major histocompatibility complex class II-restricted transgenic TCR was significantly enhanced. Two factors may have contributed to the altered thymic selection. First, Cbl deficiency markedly up-regulated the activity of ZAP-70 and mitogen-activated protein kinases. The mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway was shown previously to be involved in thymic positive selection. Second, Cbl-deficient thymocytes expressed CD3 and CD4 molecules at higher levels, which consequently may increase the avidity of TCR/major histocompatibility complex/coreceptor interaction. Thus, Cbl plays a novel role in modulating TCR-mediated multiple signaling pathways and fine-tunes the signaling threshold for thymic selection.[1]


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