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The 400 kDa subunit of the PCAF histone acetylase complex belongs to the ATM superfamily.

PCAF histone acetylase is found in a complex with more than 20 associated polypeptides. Here we report cloning and characterization of the 400 kDa PCAF- associated factor referred to as PAF400. PAF400 is almost identical to TRRAP, which binds to c-Myc and E2F, and has significant sequence similarities to the ATM superfamily including FRAP, ATM, ATR, and the catalytic subunit of DNA-PK. Remarkably, PAF400 and FRAP share sequence similarity in broad regions that cover 80% of the entire PAF400 sequence. However, unlike the other members of the ATM superfamily, PAF400 is not a protein kinase as judged from the lack of kinase motif and autophosphorylation activity. We discuss the possibility that PAF400 may play a role in signaling of DNA damage to p53 by stimulation of p53 acetylation.[1]


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