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Cibacron blue allosterically modulates the rat P2X4 receptor.

We have used whole-cell patch clamp electrophysiology to characterise the actions of the P2 antagonist, cibacron blue, on the rat recombinant P2X4 receptor, stably expressed in human embryonic kidney 293 (HEK293) cells. In single cells, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) evoked inward currents, but the response was subject to considerable run down which precluded obtaining quantitative data. However, when recordings were made from cells that were part of a group of 20-40 electrically coupled cells (cell rafts), run-down of current was not observed and reproducible responses could be obtained. When studied using cell rafts, cibacron blue was a weak antagonist of the rat P2X4 receptor (IC50 > 300 microM) when co-applied with ATP. However, when cell rafts were preincubated with low concentrations of cibacron blue (3-30 microM) for 5 min prior to ATP addition, cibacron blue increased responses to ATP by increasing its potency (up to 4-fold) without affecting the maximum current. Potentiation of ATP-evoked currents was also observed following washout of high, inhibitory concentrations of cibacron blue (300 microM). In contrast to these effects on P2X4 receptors, cibacron blue inhibited the ATP-induced response in both single cells and rafts of HEK293 cells expressing the P2X2 receptor (IC50 approximately 600-800 nM). The effects of cibacron blue on the P2X4 receptor were quantitatively similar to those of Zn2+ which also increased ATP-evoked currents by decreasing the EC50 of ATP (up to 3.5-fold). These data are consistent with the concept that cibacron blue, like zinc, allosterically regulates the function of the P2X4 receptor.[1]


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