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Chemical Compound Review

Cibacron Blue     1-amino-4-[[4-[[4-chloro-6- [(2...

Synonyms: CHEMBL572528, AG-L-65229, CHEBI:47301, CHEBI:672706, C9534_SIAL, ...
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Disease relevance of AIDS081430


High impact information on AIDS081430


Chemical compound and disease context of AIDS081430


Biological context of AIDS081430


Anatomical context of AIDS081430

  • The binding of estradiol--receptor complexes of mouse uterine cytosol to oligodeoxynucleotide celluloses is inhibited by the sulfonated polyaromatic dye Cibacron blue F3GA [10].
  • Chicken stomach membranes were solubilized in digitonin, glycoproteins were separated from solubilized proteins by lectin chromatography, and nucleotide-binding glycoproteins were selected by immobilized Cibacron blue chromatography [20].
  • Incubation of microsomes with trypsin prior to enzyme extraction resulted in a 50% inactivation of the fatty acyltransferase and generation of 53- and 55-kDa protein bands, which also had affinity to Cibacron blue F3GA and were displaced from the column together with the active (intact) enzyme [21].
  • Thus, in contrast to pepsinogen, the acid-induced reversible conformational change is not followed by autocatalysis. pRa of amniotic fluid and plasma could be separated from R by affinity chromatography on Cibacron blue F3GA-agarose, and R but not pRa was detected by an immunoassay using monoclonal antibodies reacting with R and not with pR [22].
  • Studies on the kinetic sequence of in vitro ribosome assembly using cibacron blue F3GA as a general assembly inhibitor [23].

Associations of AIDS081430 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of AIDS081430

  • H. pylori TR was purified to homogeneity by chromatography on DEAE-52, Cibacron blue 3GA, and 2',5'-ADP-agarose [29].
  • Using a primary monolayer culture system, we investigated the proliferative activity of human (h) cord blood (CB) and highly purified AFP. hAFP, purified from hCB by Cibacron blue and immunoaffinity chromatography was homogeneous on SDS-PAGE and silver stain [30].
  • Like other GSTs, chicken PGDS was found to be inhibited by non-substrate ligands such as Cibacron Blue, haematin and organotin compounds [31].
  • The individual subunits did not interact with Cibacron Blue F3G-A, a biomimetic ligand of phosphofructokinase-1 [32].
  • To overcome these difficulties the stabilizing effect of the dye Cibacron blue 3GA on AR and estrogen receptor (ER) proteins, and its ability to bind to these proteins, was utilized in developing an assay system for each receptor that could be applied to small samples [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of AIDS081430


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