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Arsenic(III), but not antimony(III), induces DNA-protein crosslinks.

Antimony compounds are supposed to resemble to arsenicals in some toxicological features. Comparative investigations with antimony and arsenic were performed to collect data on the genotoxicity of antimony, on which the knowledge is scarce. In comparison to trivalent arsenic, trivalent antimony proved to be five times less cytotoxic in the neutral red assay and one order of magnitude less genotoxic in the cytokinesis-block micronucleus test using V79 Chinese hamster cells. The data obtained in the comet assay showed that the As(III)-mediated generation of DNA-protein crosslinks and DNA strand lesions seem to be two independent processes. In contrast, Sb(III) induced DNA strand lesions but not DNA-protein crosslinks. Further studies will have to investigate whether the genotoxicity of Sb(III) is mediated by an inhibition of DNA repair as it seems to be the case for As(III).[1]


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