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A comparison of the beta-blocking activities of practolol, sotalol, and propranolol in human and guinea pig tracheal smooth muscle.

Beta adrenergic blockade was studied in vitro with human tracheal muscle strips and guinea pig tracheal chains. It was shown in isolated smooth muscle from both man and guinea pig that the order of potency for the three beta-blocking agents studied was: propranolol greater than sotalol greater than practolol. Under the conditions of this study, propranolol was about 30,000 times and sotalol about 30 times as potent as practolol. The order of potency suggests that the nature of adrenergic blockade induced by practolol on tracheal smooth muscle is only weakly beta2-relative to the blocking effects of propranolol and sotalol. Beta adrenergic blockade by propranolol, sotalol, and practolol produced different degrees of increased histamine lethality in mice. Whereas both propranolol at 0.01 mg/kg and sotalol at 1.0 mg/kg resulted in 100% histamine-induced lethality, practolol at 50 mg/kg resulted in only 50% histamine-induced lethality. These data, when added to those from our previous studies, suggest that the mechanisms responsible for resistance to the effects of histamine in untreated mice are at least partially mediated by the beta2-adrenergic system. Thus, in three different tissues, the blocking activity of practolol was shown to be less than that of sotalol or propranolol.[1]


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