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Reversion of the transformed phenotype of B16 mouse melanoma: involvement of an 83 kd cell surface glycoprotein in specific growth inhibition.

Treating B16 mouse melanoma cells with monoclonal antibody NORM-2 reduces cell growth in tissue culture, agar, and syngeneic mice. We show that the NORM-2 antibody recognizes an integral 83 kd glycoprotein that is mobile in the plane of the plasma membrane of B16 melanoma cells. Expression of the glycoprotein is reduced under conditions that inhibit B16 growth, such as low serum, high cell density, and addition of transforming growth factor-beta. The glycoprotein reappears during S phase, when growth-arrested cells are restimulated. The NORM-2 antigen appears to be involved in growth regulation of B16 melanoma cells both in vitro and in vivo.[1]


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