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Chemical Compound Review

NORCAMPHOR     bicyclo[2.2.1]heptan-3-one

Synonyms: Norcampher, SureCN83478, AGN-PC-00G6X7, CHEMBL361682, N32601_ALDRICH, ...
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High impact information on Norcampher

  • Stereoselective hydroxylation of norcamphor by cytochrome P450cam. Experimental verification of molecular dynamics simulations [1].
  • Soaks of these crystals with the industrial substrate gamma-lactam or its structural analogue, norcamphor, result in the displacement of the ligand from the enzyme active site, thereby allowing determination of the unligated structure [2].
  • In contrast, substrate-free P-450 and the norbornane and norcamphor complexes reveal only a very weak signal or a changed band shape [3].
  • The kinetics of NADH consumption, oxygen uptake, and hydrogen peroxide production have been studied for norcamphor metabolism by cytochrome P-450cam [4].
  • Cytochrome P450cam (P450CIA1) catalyzes the hydroxylation of camphor and several substrate analogues such as norcamphor and 1-methyl-norcamphor [5].

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