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Chemical Compound Review

Silvan     2-methylfuran

Synonyms: Sylvan, Methylfuran, PubChem11230, SureCN37253, NSC-3707, ...
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Disease relevance of alpha-Methylfuran


High impact information on alpha-Methylfuran


Biological context of alpha-Methylfuran


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of alpha-Methylfuran

  • In 1995, the leaders of the Society for Clinical Trials (the Chair of the Policy Committee, Dr. David DeMets, and the President of the Society, Dr. Sylvan Green) asked two members of the Society (Dr. Genell Knatterud and Dr. Frank Rockhold) to act as co-chairs of a newly formed subcommittee to discuss the issues of data integrity and auditing [5].


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