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Chemical Compound Review

Agaricin     2-hydroxynonadecane-1,2,3- tricarboxylic acid

Synonyms: Agaricinsaeure, Agaricic acid, Laricic acid, CHEMBL78764, Agaric acid, ...
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High impact information on NSC60429

  • Two other tricarboxylic acids, agaric acid and (-)-hydroxycitrate, were found to inhibit PFK [1].
  • Agaricic acid, a potent inhibitor of various glycosomal enzymes of T. brucei, has also a strong, irreversible effect on glucose-6-phosphate isomerase, while leaving the yeast and mammalian enzymes relatively unaffected [2].
  • The effect of agaric acid on citrate transport in rat liver mitochondria [3].
  • Inhibition of de novo fatty-acid biosynthesis, by in vivo injection of hydroxycitric acid and inclusion of agaric acid in the type II cell culture medium, abolished the increase in cytidylyltransferase activity on day 3 but not FAS and had no effect on activities of two other enzymes of phospholipid synthesis [4].


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