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Chemical Compound Review

AG-D-49351     2-[9-[(4- chlorophenyl)methyl]-6- fluoro-1,2...

Synonyms: ACMC-20mq7h, CTK0H9261, PDSP1_000234, PDSP2_000233, AC1L2W6T, ...
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High impact information on L657925

  • 4. In contrast, the affinity of the TXA2/PGH2 receptor antagonists I-PTA-OH, SQ29548, and L657925 were either decreased or unchanged at pH 6.0 compared to 7 [1].
  • The effect of PAF was selectively blocked by PAF receptor antagonist BN50730, but not by TXA2 receptor antagonist L657925 [2].
  • Based on their IC50 values, the rank orders were I-BOP less than L657925 less than ONO11113 less than or equal to SQ29548 less than PTA-TPO less than PTA-NO less than or equal to L657926 less than or equal to I-PTA-OH less than PTA-OH[2] = meta-I-PTA-PO less than or equal to ONO11120[2] = ONO11120[1] less than PTA-OH[1] in rat platelets [3].
  • I-PTA-OH, L657925 and L657926 antagonized this response to U46619 with IC50 values similar in rank potency to that seen in the binding studies.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[4]


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