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Gene Review

TBXA2R  -  thromboxane A2 receptor

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: BDPLT13, Prostanoid TP receptor, TXA2-R, Thromboxane A2 receptor
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Disease relevance of TBXA2R


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Chemical compound and disease context of TBXA2R


Biological context of TBXA2R

  • TBXA2R was localized to chromosome 19 by PCR amplification in a series of monochoromosomal human/rodent somatic cell hybrids [14].
  • Transient expression of the HEL cell TXA2 receptor cDNA and radioligand binding studies with the agonist 125I-BOP showed a single class of binding sites with an affinity comparable to a low affinity platelet TXA2 receptor [15].
  • These findings may provide useful information for conducting mutagenesis and reveal the molecular mechanism how the human TXA2 receptor interact with G alpha 13 to activate intracellular signaling [16].
  • RESULTS: The genotype frequencies of IL-5 and TBXA2R polymorphisms did not differ between healthy controls and atopic or nonatopic children with asthma [17].
  • OBJECTIVE: To determine whether IL-5 (T-746C) and TBXA2R (T924C) gene polymorphisms are associated with asthma phenotype and pulmonary function in Korean children with atopic and nonatopic asthma [17].

Anatomical context of TBXA2R


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TBXA2R


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